Toilet Bowl Exhaust System
At Better Lifestyles, "There are changes in the air." We are committed to improving the quality and value of your home with our new product, the Toilet Bowl Exhaust System (TBES). Our innovative odorless toilet design and vacuum system efficiently removes toilet odors from the toilet bowl to the outside, maintaining an odor free bathroom for your family and guests. There have been numerous improvements to toilets over the years, including new designs, flushing mechanism changes, and water saving features. We believe at Better Lifestyles that the next major change in the toilet industry will be the toilet bowl exhaust system; a truly odorless removing toilet.


My wife and I purchased the Toilet Bowl Exhaust System over a year ago and we can attest that it operates exactly as advertised. No more embarrassing odors or spray cans with strong fragrances. This system is a must if you entertain or have frequent house guests. All of our guests have been amazed by the idea of an odor-free environment in the bathroom and all have expressed interest in adding the system to their homes. We highly recommend the TBES.

Port City Development Center (PCDC) purchased a Toilet Bowl Exhaust System (TBES) in the spring of 2007. TBES has been the most important facility upgrade for our organization. We have one restroom that is used over 80 times a day by our staff and by our customers. We are thrilled that both our staff and our customers are spared the odors and discomfort associated with a regular toilet. As well, we have not purchased or used any aerosols since TBES was installed in our facility. This has saved us money as well as eliminated the chemicals that aerosols put in the air.
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