Why We're Green
The bathroom exhaust fan is designed to remove the moisture generated from the shower or bathtub. These fans are also used in an attempt to remove bathroom odors for which they are incapable of doing in an efficient manner. The inefficiency is due to the removal of heated or air-conditioned air and the electricity used by the exhaust fan attempting to clear the air of bathroom odor.

The toilet bowl exhaust system (TBES) removes bathroom odor at the source eliminating the need for prolonged use of the bathroom exhaust fan. The “energy savings calculator” will give the approximate annual energy savings possible using the TBES verses traditional exhaust fans. The TBES is capable of evacuating the odor from up three toilet bowls at the same time using a single TBES vacuum system.

The need for and the cost associated with the installation of an exhaust fans in bathrooms without a shower or bathtub (powder room) could be eliminated. The money saved by eliminating the bathroom exhaust fan for the powder room would reduce the cost of purchasing and installing the TBES vacuum system. The installation of TBES toilets in each bathroom would allow a single vacuum system to eliminate bathroom odor. The bathroom exhaust fan would only be used for its intended propose of removing moisture when the shower or bathtub is in use.

Energy Savings Calculator