How can I place an order?
All orders should be placed by phone at 1-360-790-8459. We accept VISA, Master Card, and American Express credit cards. For additional information on purchasing click here.

Is installation of TBES difficult?
The degree of difficulty for installing this odorless toilet depends largely on the particular configuration of the building. Installing TBES in new housing is very straightforward, while installations in existing homes can be more difficult. PVC pipe must be routed from the toilet, through the walls of the home, and to the TBES vacuum system. The vacuum system can be installed in the attic, garage, basement or other convenient location. For more information about how TBES works click here. To view the installation instructions click here. To view the retrofit installation instructions click here.

How does TBES remove odor?
TBES removes odors from the toilet by exhausting the air around the toilet rim. Unlike a traditional toilet, which has only a water channel, this odorless toilet has a built in air channel, which is ported to the back of the toilet. The port on the rear of the toilet connects to a TBES vacuum system through PVC pipe which runs through the walls of the home. The system is activated by a manually activated timer switch. For additional information about how TBES works click here.

Does the TBES toilet look much different than a traditional toilet?
No. TBES toilets are very similar to traditional toilets except that they have an air channel which is built into the porcelain bowl directly above the water channel. To the average eye, this odorless toilet is indistinguishable from traditional two piece toilets.